She has painted toenails, and her bed always runs from east to west.

I dropped my phone while trying to enter in her number. Not nervous, just drunk. I’ll thank her for not counting that against me.

She makes me want to be someone better.

Russell Brand, Booky Wook 2, he recounts the first night he took Kate Moss home. The next morning, he popped out, for the Sunday paper or a bottle of milk or a jar of coffee or some such (might be mistaking it in the retelling, but that’s not the important detail), with the intent to test Kate out. If she simply left and left things as they were, he’d know she only meant it to be for one night. But If she made the bed before leaving, however, he knew that she wanted to come back. She made the bed.

I want to come back. I make the bed. I’m overjoyed that she notices.

Waking up next to her for the first time is my Groundhog Day moment. It was a precious, perfect few seconds of peaceful contentment that I’ll always remember but will never get back. If I could re-live that for the rest of my life, I’d be happy.