Prettyyyy… Prettyyyy… Prettyyyy good…

A conversation had while standing at the urinal in the gents upstairs at Rhino Room, at about 4:15am this morning –

Other guy: How’s it going mate?
Me: Yeah, going well! Yourself?
Other guy: Prettyyyyy… Prettyyyyy… Prettyyyy good…
*Curb Your Enthusiasm-style staredown ensues*
Me: Ok… Alright…

As a big Curb fan, this was one of the more hilarious random encounters I’ve had with a stranger. The fact that all this occured in the male toilets while we both had swords drawn makes the phrasing “random encounter… with a stranger” sound like there was some risky business going on, but it was all quite an innocent laugh (neither of us even glanced downwards). It’s always good to meet people who are on the same wavelength.


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